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5/31 town hall

Denny's Story

From Coming to America to
realizing the American Dream

My name is Denny Salas, and as a proud first-generation American, husband, and father-to-be.


My immigrant story is like many New Yorkers: I grew up in poverty, we collected cans for money, and in a case of arson, we almost lost our lives when someone lit our house on fire while my family and I were inside.


Despite those challenges, we achieved the American Dream, and I believe it is alive and for everyone.


I'm running to provide Public Safety, Better Education, and Economic Opportunities for our Lower Manhattan District. 




United Democratic Organization
*Largest/Only Chinatown Political Club

Hon. Justin Yu
"Mayor of Chinatown"
Democratic District Leader D65

Lands End II Resident Association, Inc.
*First Time Ever the Entire board
Has Endorsed a Candidate*


Hon. Alan Gerson
*Two-Term Councilman
of Lower Manhattan


Yee Fong Toy
Family Association



Public Safety

  • Reform "Bail Reform," Statewide Mandate for AAPI, Black, Latino, Jewish, & LGBTQ Hate Crimes Taskforce Embedded in Every Police Department, End Concentration of Jails/Homeless Shelters in Working-Class Communities, Increase Funding for Community Based Organizations to Protect & Educate Neighbors, Empower Violence Interrupters, Fund Summer Youth Employment Programs, Fund Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs, Ensure Mental Health Treatment Reaches more Psychologically Distressed NYers, Fully Utilize Kendra’s Law, & Effective/Tough Law Enforcement for those Caught Wielding Illegal Weapons, Revise Supervised Release.



  • Increase Number of Specialized High Schools, Expand Gifted & Talented Programs to Every Middle/High School, Expand High-Quality Schools (whether Public, Private, Specialized, or Charter), Improve Partnerships between High & Low Performing Schools, & Create Private/Public Afterschool Programs to Improve Career Success for our Students.



  • Higher Wages, Expand Union Jobs, Create Statewide PPP Program to Support Small Businesses, Expand Export Grants for Businesses, Subsidize Small Business Wages to Increase Employment, Increase Business Grants for MWBE & Traditionally Disenfranchised Localities, & Support Expansion of Pedestrian-Friendly Communities.



  • Expand & Increase Funding for Resiliency Projects in Lower Manhattan that Protects our Neighbors, Create Disaster-Proof Communication Services for First Responders, Increase Funding for Carbon-Free Energy Production & Solutions.


  • A new Mitchell-Lama Program to attain Homeownership, Maintain & Increase Affordable Housing by Supporting Community Land Trusts, Funding NYCHA & Empowering Residents w/Transparency & Accountability, Increasing Tax Credits for Deeper Affordability.


  • Public Option for All New Yorkers, Implement Congestion Pricing, Mandate Ethnically Specific Maternal Care, & Create Safe-Haven for Women Seeking Reproductive Health Care.

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Assembly District 65

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