My family’s story is about achieving the American Dream. It is about overcoming poverty, surviving arson, and attaining an excellent education.


That is why I have developed the "American Dream Plan."


My plan is what I want to accomplish for our city. It is a plan that recognizes the connection of housing, education, and economic policies that must be applied to rebuild and move our city forward. It is a plan that, when passed, will offer everyone in our city the opportunity to reach the level of success they have always wanted.

My plans include:


  • The Formation of Superblocks.

  • Wage Subsidies.

  • Increase Business Export Grants by Tenfold.

  • Commercial Rent Stabilization.

  • Remove the Unincorporated Business Tax.

  • Congestion Pricing Modification.

  • Increase Research & Development Funding.

  • Fully Fund NYC's Job Training Programs.

  • Transform Empty Storefronts into Social Infrastructure.

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  • New Mitchell-Lama/Homeownership for Middle-Class NYers.

  • Expand Funding for Community Land Trusts.

  • Reimagine the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Policies by Eliminating Exclusionary Zones.

  • Streamline the Review Process to Lower Costs.

  • Introduce the "Creating Moves to Opportunity" Program to NYC.

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  • Private/Public Afterschool Programs.

  • Modifying Entrance to Specialized High Schools.

  • Ten-Year Evaluation & Dissemination Grants.

  • Create a Citywide Predictive Chatbox.

  • Permanent Housing for Homeless Families with School-Age Children.

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