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After Denny recognized that the company he worked for was not going to value merit and achievement (rather than how he looked), he began to think about what was next. 


It was early 2009, at the height of the Financial Crisis, and President Obama was recently inaugurated. Every day at work, Denny and his colleagues would answer investor calls - many of whom were devastated by the irresponsibility of institutions - until one day. 


A woman, 63 and recently retired, had every dollar of her retirement account invested in Wachovia stock - her former employer. In one day, her life savings went from $700,000 to $0. Not a single person ever spoke to her about diversifying her retirement savings, and she believed that Wachovia would never falter, like so many who were wiped out during the Great Recession. 


She was crying throughout the entire conversation with him, and he knew there was nothing he could do to help her. After that call, Denny took the rest of the day off.


On the drive back home, he knew deep inside that he could not continue being a stockbroker and wanted to do more after being inspired by President Obama. 


So he decided to quit. 


Still driving, and after he decided to leave his role, his phone rang - it was the Democratic National Committee. 


What happened next? 


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