Nicole and Denny decided to embark on a new journey that took them to the City of Dreams. 


This move required sacrifices from both of them, but ultimately, they both felt that this was the place they wanted to establish as home and raise a family. 


Nicole left her role as a school teacher in Orlando, FL, and Denny passed up lobbying offers in Boston, MA, and Washington, D.C. 


For the two, it was an opportunity to do something different - and somewhat uncomfortable - to live in the greatest city in the world, NYC. Nicole took a role working as an advertising recruiter, while Denny decided to work for a charter school in the Bronx (where his parents moved when they immigrated to the United States). 


And during the past five years, both can claim that this was the best decision they collectively made. Nicole has risen through the ranks in her profession and is a well-respected leader in the advertising field. 


For Denny, he made an immediate impact and raised nearly $1.5 million for programs that included creating a music band; a coding, and robotics program; a parent financial literacy program; a summer school program; and supporting several other extended learning afterschool activities. 


Throughout this tour of the "Did You Know?" series, you've been able to learn "how" Denny arrived to NYC, but what is the "why" he decided to run for city council? 


Stay Tuned for Pt. 8 - The Conclusion. 


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