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Denny's Story

From Coming to America to
realizing the American Dream

My name is Denny Salas, and I'm a proud first-generation American, husband, and father-to-be.


My immigrant story is like many New Yorkers: I grew up in poverty, we collected cans for money, and in a case of arson, we almost lost our lives when someone lit our house on fire while my family and I were inside.


Despite those challenges, we achieved the American Dream, and I believe it is alive and for everyone.


I'm running to provide Public Safety, Better Education, and Economic Opportunities for our Lower Manhattan District. 


supported by:

United democratic organization

hon. justin yu

lands end ii resident assoc, inc.

hon. alan gerson

yee fong toy family assoc.

steamfitters local 638

teamsters local 237

nypd captains endowment assoc.

nypd detectives' endowment assoc.

nypd lieutenants benevolent assoc.

nypd sergeants' benevolent assoc.

Asian wave alliance

student first ny

democrats for education reform

great public schools

Liuna-ny union

The building & construction trades council of greater new york

new yorkers for safer streets

sheet metal workers local 28

district council 9 of the
international union of painters & allied trades

place nyc




Public Safety

  • Reform "Bail Reform," Statewide Mandate for AAPI, Black, Latino, Jewish, & LGBTQ Hate Crimes Taskforce Embedded in Every Police Department, End Concentration of Jails/Homeless Shelters in Working-Class Communities, Increase Funding for Community Based Organizations to Protect & Educate Neighbors, Empower Violence Interrupters, Fund Summer Youth Employment Programs, Fund Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs, Ensure Mental Health Treatment Reaches more Psychologically Distressed NYers, Fully Utilize Kendra’s Law, & Effective/Tough Law Enforcement for those Caught Wielding Illegal Guns, Revise Supervised Release.



  • Increase Number of Specialized High Schools, Expand Gifted & Talented Programs to Every Middle/High School, Expand High-Quality Schools (whether Public, Private, Specialized, or Charter), Improve Partnerships between High & Low Performing Schools, & Create Private/Public Afterschool Programs to Improve Career Success for our Students.



  • Higher Wages, Expand Union Jobs, Create Statewide PPP Program to Support Small Businesses, Expand Export Grants for Businesses, Subsidize Small Business Wages to Increase Employment, Increase Business Grants for MWBE & Traditionally Disenfranchised Localities, & Support Expansion of Pedestrian-Friendly Communities.



  • Expand & Increase Funding for Resiliency Projects in Lower Manhattan that Protects our Neighbors, Create Disaster-Proof Communication Services for First Responders, Increase Funding for Carbon-Free Energy Production & Solutions.


  • A new Mitchell-Lama Program to attain Homeownership, Maintain & Increase Affordable Housing by Supporting Community Land Trusts, Funding NYCHA & Empowering Residents w/Transparency & Accountability, Increasing Tax Credits for Deeper Affordability.


  • Public Option for All New Yorkers, Implement Congestion Pricing, Mandate Ethnically Specific Maternal Care, & Create Safe-Haven for Women Seeking Reproductive Health Care.

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Assembly District 65

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