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"Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations." - Oliver Goldsmith


That is the life that Denny has had. No matter the challenges he's faced, he's risen with a smile and a positive outlook on life. 


It's incredible, really. 


You read his family's story of surviving arson, watching his dad's company burn down, and overcoming all of that to achieve the American Dream, and you ask yourself: Could I?


Many of us believe we could, but that toughness, perseverance, and ability to compartmentalize the bad and only focus on the good is a singularly uncommon trait for some. 


And Denny has that in spades. 


Over the last several weeks, you've read about his professional journey and have come to understand that no matter what gets thrown at him, he will never, ever give up. 


His determination to land a role on Capitol Hill led him to submit 353 resumes and unique cover letters; or his tireless travel schedule, which led him to visit 42 states across our country to represent American manufacturing businesses; or his relentless pursuit of providing educational support to a student body in the Bronx. 


And what's listed above doesn't even cover an iota of what he's done. 


This guy is the councilman our city needs. He's the one with lived experiences and a professional history that screams at us that he will be prepared and ready to deliver on Day 1. 


He has the work ethic, the drive, and the vision to tackle NYC's problems and was the only candidate in this race to release a real policy platform - "American Dream Plan" - because you, as a voter, warrant that. You deserve to know what someone who's running for office plans to do, and with Denny, you know where he stands. 


As we approach Election Day, ask yourself: Who is here to fix our problems? 


We know the answer, and we think you do, too. 


Vote #dennyfornyc on 6/28th! 

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